A. Arias is currently best known as the force behind the Thule Musik revival label Strobelight Network, which rescued the excellent trove of Icelandic house and techno released by that crew from obscurity at a well-chosen moment to critical acclaim this year. Arias is a furious digger for lost gems of 1990s and early 2000s techno and house. His collaboration with the Thule artists has revived their careers as well as moved his forwards much more strongly than before. Booked personally by DJs like Mike Huckaby for his house sets, and by Terrence Dixon for the Minimal Detroit New Year’s party for his techno sound, also playing NYC venues/parties like Output, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Blkmarket Membership and many warehouse/ loft events, past experience tells us the 25 year-old New Yorker knows exactly what to do when entering the DJ booth.

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