A Producer and DJ from Brooklyn, New York, with a very different sense of what music should sound like in different environments. Rich wishes he could write of getting his first vinyl when he was in diapers or how he composed his first opera by the age of nine, but it wouldn’t be true. Instead he fell in love with music and tender age 14 when he stumbled upon A techno cassette tape which outlived many walk-mans.
Richard Rozen described by many as eccentric and unique as his music, With a treasure trove of vinyl rarities, one off pressings, and a bevy of his own original productions to match. Rozen has become a staple of the New York underground with his selection of records that can only be described as truly special. With a reputation of being a Dj’s DJ and his ability to transform a dance floor, its no wonder Richard has been showing up more and more behind the decks.

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